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The Slovak company dealing with implementation of low energy houses (so called “mole houses”) is looking for business partners under subcontracting.

The Slovak company is designing and building passive houses with green roof, sheltered with earth in slopes and on flat site as well. The company is looking for construction companies abroad to build the mole houses under subcontracting. Moreover, the company is offering a comprehensive service from initial consultation and graphic design for foreign business partners. Advantatages:The passive houses made by the Slovak company represent leading standards in energy efficient design of modern construction. System of mole house is partially pre-fabricated in the house of subcontractor. System is made light-weight for easy transport. There is a huge potential to work in all weather conditions.  The main advantages of such houses are:- cutting of energy and maintenance costs by 80%- absorption of CO2 and production of oxygen- water holder  approximately 40 m3 for each house- acoustic properties- designed to remove smog and keep the air clean- stable temperature
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Areas of Activities

Architectonic, design and construction engineering services

    Sustainable construction&Green buildings


      MoleHouse partner

      Subcontracting: The company is looking for companies to whom they could assign a part of a specific contract. The company is looking for construction companies to produce passive houses under subcontracting agreement. They are looking for executors for implementing low energy houses (“mole houses”) with a green roof in their respective countries, especially from Austria, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Italy and the Czech Republic.

      Cooperation Offered
      1. Subcontracting
      2. Technical co-operation
      3. Consultancy