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We offer innovative LED light solutions and modules for customized applications e.g safety lighting, warning signs, boundaries, advertising displays, but also for functional or decorative light features on yachts, caravans and interior items. Our service includes prototyping, manufacturing, assembly as well as hard / software development and programming of intelligent control functions. We are looking for lighting system developers for joint light solutions development, R&D, production and sale of LED-modules, lamps and related electronics.

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            LED light solutions and modules for safety, functional and decorative lighting

            There are fast changing trends in LED applications, designs, modules and arrangements. Especially the integration of individualized recognizable LED designs is becoming an effective and attractive way to implement functional, but also unique visual features in products / buildings / public places / private locations etc.
            We develop and manufacture customized innovative LED light solutions and modules for a wide range of applications. This includes prototyping for new lighting systems/applications, manufacturing, component distribution and assembly as well as the development of respective hard and software (switching circuits, hardware layout, engineering data, software programming). Thermo and waste heat management as well as programming of intelligent LED control such as dimming, intensity and colour effects, time intervals, motion and other sensors and other various regulation features can also be included.
            These environmentally friendly, mercury-free LED light solutions offer up to 40% energy savings and have a 5-times higher lifetime than conventional and energy-saving-lamps.
            The current portfolio comprises a wide variety of LED bulbs and customized individual LED modules.
            Applications of the innovative light solutions are for example indoor or outdoor safety lighting, warning signs, marks, boundaries, advertising displays, but also LED light features on yachts, boats, caravans or interior items. An attractive visual product of the company for instance are single or multicolored radio-controlled LED units used to illuminate tall textile-covered party tables.

            Keywords: Lighting solutions
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