Michala Kurková

Bujko s.r.o.

Bilateral Meetings

  • Friday (10:10 - 12:15)
  • Friday (13:00 - 15:00)
DescriptionMetalworking, welding, machining.
Personal agency.
Kovovýroba, svařování, obrábění.
Personální agentura.
Organization Type Company
Areas of Activities

Construction materials



      We offer welding, metalworking, machining.

      We offer high-quality metalworking, welding and machining according to needs of customers. We prefer cooperation with companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


      We offer services of personal agency.

      We offer well educated and skilled staff in welding and metalworking sectors.

      Cooperation Offered
      1. Subcontracting
      2. Manufacturing agreement
      3. Technical co-operation