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TOUCAN-T Carpet Manufacture GmbH

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  • Friday (10:10 - 12:15)
DescriptionThe Carpet Maker TOUCAN-T Carpet Manufacture The intention to use creativity, craftsmanship and love for the product in order to create something extraordinary already makes a name for TOUCAN-T Carpet Manufacture. For over 25 years, high quality tufted materials, powerful textile floor coverings and classical values of traditional manufacturers have been combined by this company with its head office in Krefeld, Germany. Passion for customized solutions, quality and uniqueness all together make the recipe for success of carpet smiths. In our carpets, expressive design and user-oriented functionality perfectly complement each other to give space its identity and feel-good atmosphere
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Roofs and floors


    Carpet for Offices, Hotels, Retail and private Living

    We offer broadloom and tiles for projects.
    Looking forward to architect networks.