Eduard Justa

Cech obkladačů České republiky/Ass. of Tillers

Bilateral Meetings

  • Friday (10:10 - 12:15)
  • Friday (13:00 - 15:00)
DescriptionThe Association of Tilers of the Czech Republic is an organisation of professionals in tiling industry whose associated members are as follows: - tilers - covers tiling fixers - bathroom design showrooms - includes specialised retailers - producers/ distributors - businesses dealing with chemical products for constructions, ceramic tiles, floor tiles, tools, tile profiles and trims - business schools - schools where tiling skills are taught - experts - represented by officials from the tiling industry ----------- Cech obkladačů ČR je profesní organizace, která sdružuje především řemeslníky - obkladače, dále pak představitele navazujících služeb, například obkladačského materiálu a technologií, škol, koupelnová studia a zástupce přidružených organizací.
Organization Type Chamber/ Association/ Agency/ Cluster
Areas of Activities

Tiling and bricklaying

    Roofs and floors

      Offer & Request

      Offered tiling works; Seeking Association of Tilers abroad

      Offer: the Association seeks business partners for its members, e.g. for work and distribution agreements or for mutual cooperation in Germany/ Czech Republic

      Request: the Association itself seeks similar organisations abroad for exchange of experience and information